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Garter Belt

garter beltThe Garter Belt is really just suspenders for a pair of stockings.  They are not as popular today as they once were. Back i n the 1940s on thru the 1960s the Garter Belt was thought by many women of that time to be nothing short of a godsend. The alternative to the Garter Belt if a woman wanted or needed to wear stockings was to wear a girdle. Just the name girdle will bring back some not so fond memories when mentioned to some women. While older women of that time period accepted the girdle as a staple, younger women and teen aged girls wanted nothing to do with them. Thus began the popularity of the Garter Belt. Young women were now able to wear stockings without the squeezing discomfort that they experienced with a girdle.  The Garter Belt was just a far more comfortable, simpler and more practical  thing to use than the girdle when used only to hold up a pair of stockings. Some men’s magazines of the period, such as Spick and Span Magazine, would feature pictures of women in Garter Belts and stockings.

garter belt and stockings
Spick and Span – Spick and Span magazine, featured models in garter belts and stockings.

For everyday use, many women would wear their stockings without a Garter Belt at all by rolling the top of the stockings, this was more practical, and was a prelude to the modern thigh high stockings of today.

Garter Belts today continue to be worn for their original purpose of holding up stockings. However Garter Belts  have a much more erotic and sexual appeal. Today they are available in a wide variety of styles, with black and red being the most popular of colors.

Traditionally, panties are worn underneath the Garter Belt suspenders, and the lingerie stores still do their photographs in this way in catalogs and on sexy lingerie websites. Another option is to wear panties over the suspenders. If the panties are reasonably tight, this pushes the suspenders against the body. Wearing panties over the suspenders of the Garter Belt can also make it easier to remove them.


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